Eric Rigo feat. Cara Leigh - Long Drive

morph086 - 17 June, 2013


Whether you like progressive house, trance, deep progressive or progressive breaks; this EP provides all of the following and does not disappoint. Yet again, Morphosis has displayed their abilty to provide their listeners with an EP that offers more than a little something for everyone.

Starting with the original track, Eric takes the listener on a blissful journey infused with lush chords, pianos & beautiful melody's accompanied by vocal stabs leading into a beautiful vocal chorus provided by the haunting voice of Cara Leigh filled with positive energy. For those who prefer their music without vocals, the EP also features a Dub version that is more on the DJ friendly side.

Next up, we have the Santerna Remix which provides all of the following elements from the original, while adding melodic arps, breathtaking vocal edits with a sublime breakdown leading into the chorus and taking the track to a more progressive trance territory. Santerna also offers a Dub version sprinkled with breathtaking vocal edits and delivers a perfect medium of progressive and club friendly electronic music.

Now moving on into a deeper territory, the Alinut Remix provides a gorgeous combination of organic elements & melodies layered with sprinkles of vocals edits accompanied with the sound of the original piano with a relaxing and slowed down BPM. This mix is very deep and soothing to the soul which is perfect for those late, but relaxing nights.

Last in line, Omauha provides us with his signature style progressive breaks while re-working the original and taking it to a more aggressive level. Within in a short amount of time, the track takes off with energy, infused with a mildly distorted, yet deep bass lines accompanied by several vocal edits and hints of the elements displayed in the original.




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